The Foundation supports research and the development of new technologies in radiology and ultrasound, but it also aims at promoting education at all school levels. As part of an overall purpose oriented towards the common good, it pursues the objectives of consolidating, enhancing, and promoting scientific research and its interdisciplinary implications.

Furthermore, the Foundation intends to establish an independent and authoritative point of reference at national and international level, capable of outlining the emerging prospects of scientific and technological development.

More precisely, it wants to support:

  • Scientific innovation on the interaction of electromagnetic radiation with matter;
  • Research, study and practical application also by supporting “innovative companies and startups
    1. In order to create competent professional figures able to support innovative efforts and technologies of interest, it will promote education, the understanding, and the culture on these topics in general by all school levels, including research centers and scientific institutes (IE: INFN). To reach this goal, it will support the possible creation of ad hoc courses, such as regarding industrial non-destructive testing, design and construction of x-ray tubes technology, high voltage generators, radiological image processing, etc;
    2. To form a natural link between the company and the society to which it belongs, it will guarantee scientific dissemination as an essential element to create an important culture and know-how.

All the actions above can be implemented not only at national level but, where possible, they will also favor cultural and scientific exchange at European and international level; stimulating and rewarding the initiatives that are synergistic and preparatory to an in-depth study of these matters.

These activities should not be limited to practical applications, such as medical or safety but, where possible, they should be extended to more abstract “basic” research on actual applications.
For example:

  • Research on x-ray generation technology leading to important innovations in the design and construction technologies of x-ray tubes.
  • Research of new materials, techniques, and technologies to produce more powerful, reliable, smaller, and faster control x-ray tubes, etc.
  • Identifying new applications of electromagnetic waves, such as replacing gamma rays and radioactive sources with x-rays. This would also have advantages from an ESG point of view.
  • Search for solutions, methods, and technologies to improve the safety of exposure to electromagnetic waves in terms of dose/exposure with equal efficiency.
  • Research in the field of both contact and non-contact ultrasound emissions.

The Foundation will set up specific calls for private scholarships and study grants annually, or according to opportunities. In particular:

  1. It involves industrial companies to bring deserving young people closer to the business world through research projects and practical experiences.
  2. Itpromotes and raises awareness on the application of new methodological approaches, with specific attention to European and international projects, but it will also guarantee the enhancement of the excellence of the territory by involving local institutions.
  3. It promotes the transfer of technology and knowledge and the connection between research and the local and national productive economic system in the fields pertaining to the aforementioned purposes.
  4. It organizes themed events and conferences and publish scientific articles and texts accompanied by awards that can act as a stimulus to researchers.
  5. It has established a special prize “Premio Arturo Gilardoni”: it consist of a prestigious award for national and international researchers who have distinguished themselves for the study or publication of discoveries and innovations in the fields supported by the Foundation.


Scientific innovation,
research, study
and practical application...